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Verbena, Firehouse Purple
Verbena, Firehouse Purple
Versatile Verbena!
Firehouse Purple

Grows in Part Sun to Sun 
Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies & Bees   
Tolerates Heat & Humidity       
(No deadheading is necessary but removing spent 
blooms will encourage faster re-bloom)

Easy to Grow   Deer Resistant  

Use in Baskets, Planters or Landscape     


Firehouse Verbena is a game changer!  At last,  a Verbena that will not cycle out of color and has excellent heat tolerance!  Versatile Verbena produces bright clusters of vibrant colors against a backdrop of dark green serrated foliage all season long.  The semi-upright/mounding, easy-to-grow, self-cleaning plant works well with other plants or performs great as a soloist in baskets, window boxes and containers of all types.  Verbena is also equally at home in your landscape creating spectacular edging borders, draped over embankments or filling your landscape beds.  Heat, cold and humidity tolerant.   Butterflies and hummingbirds absolutely adore this plant as its slender stems carry clusters of colorful blooms all summer long. Excellent powdery mildew resistance, heat & humidity tolerance and slightly drought tolerant as well.  Known to be deer resistant.  No deadheading is necessary but removing spent blooms will encourage faster re-bloom.

Height:  8"-10"

Spread/Cascade/Trail:  18"-22"
Habit:  Mounding/Trailing
Bloom Size:  2"-3" Clusters
Heat Tolerance Zones:  Excellent Zones 3-9
Sun Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Containers:  Filler/Spiller For Any Containers space 4-6"
Landscapes:  Filler/Spiller For Ground Cover, Borders, Beds, Space 12-15"
Price:  $6.75 per plant/4" pot OR

            3 or more of the same color $6.50/plant

Price: $6.75 per 4" pot, 3 or more $6.50 each
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