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Trendy Designer Combination
Trendy Designer Combination
Trendy Designer Combination
Designer Combination

Sun to Part Sun   

Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds  

Tolerates Heat, Drought & Humidity      
Contains:     Coral Zonal Geranium           
                    Purple Verbena   
                    Lime Green Ipomea (Sweet Potato Vine)
Designed for Success!  These expertly designed plant combinations for containers include a carefully selected variety of plants that perfectly complement each other in color, style, texture and shape.  Each Designer Combination is comprised of a total of 3 individual plants each grown in a 4" pot.  One Planter Combination will fill a 10-12" garden container or a 12-18 window box.  Have larger containers?  See our Helpful Information about how many plants to buy.  Save when you by the Designer Combination rather than 3 individual plants!

Price:  $18.00 for three plants
Out of Stock
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Geranium Zonal Americana Coral
Verbena Firehouse Purple
Ipomoea Sidekick Lacy Lime
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Plants by Color>Salmon/Coral/Orange Tones>Sun Lovers!
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Plants by Color>Salmon/Coral/Orange Tones>Part Sun to Sun
Plants by Color>Green Tones>Part Sun to Sun
Plants by Color>Blue/Purple Tones>Part Sun to Sun
Humidity Tolerant Plants>Part Sun to Sun
Humidity Tolerant Plants>Sun Lovers
Attracts Butterflies>Part Sun to Sun
Attracts Butterflies>Sun Lovers
Attracts Hummingbirds>Part Sun to Full Sun
Attracts Hummingbirds>Full Sun
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Plants by Sun Exposure>Part Sun to Sun>Designer Combinations
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Plants by Name A-Z>Geranium Varieties>Zonal Cutting Geranium, Americana Series
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