Sweetie Designer Combination
Sweetie Perfect Planter Designer Combination

Sweetie Designer Combination

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Such a delight!
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 Designer Combination

Part Sun to Sun   

Tolerates Heat and Humidity          

Contains:  Rose Glow SunPatiens Impatiens        
                 White Euphorbia
                 First Kiss Unbelievable Begonia
Designed for Success!  Our Designer Combinations take the worry out of selecting plants that grow and look well together.   Every Perfect Planter Designer Combination is carefully put together to combine plants that complement each other in sun requirement, color, style, texture, vigor and growth habit for a polished professional look and growing success. 

Each Designer Combination contains a combination of UPRIGHTMOUNDING and TRAILING plants.  These combinations are designed for planters or containers where you desire the height from an Upright Plant to balance the look of the plants to your containers.  (Not recommended for containers such as hanging baskets or window boxes where tall upright plants might not look good.)  Our Trio Mixes contain only Mounding/Trailing plants.

Designer Combinations are comprised of a total of 3 individual specialty annuals each grown in their own 4" pot.  The garden ready plants are generally budded when shipped and ready to bloom.  The large size pot ensures a strong root system to get your plants off to a fast start once planted. 

Each Designer Combination will fill a 10-12" planter.   If you have larger pots see our Helpful Information to determine how many Perfect Planter Designer Combinations to order for your planter size.
Save when you by a Designer Combination rather than 3 individual plants!

Price:  $18.00 for three plants

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