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Salvia, Skyscraper Dark Purple
Salvia, Skyscraper Dark Purple
Salvia, Skyscraper Dark Purple
Skyscraper Dark Purple

 Full Sun 
Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies  
Tolerates Humidity, Drought & Heat      

Easy to Grow and Maintain  

Self-Cleaning Deer Resistant 

Use in Planters & Landscape   


Long, long lasting plants keeps your containers and landscape beds in vibrant color through out all of the summer and well into the fall with it's ability to withstand a few light frosts.  Skyscraper's flower height of 28"-36" and it's bushy nature, spreading up to 15", looks stunning in a mono or mixed containers as well as providing outstanding landscape focal spots or masses of color.   The self-cleaning dark purple Skyscraper Salvia has masses of beautiful spikes of deep purple flowers with red overtones and lovely burgundy hued calyces.  Pollinators love them, especially hummingbirds, as Salvia's tubular flowers are perfect for a hummingbird to feed on.  Easy-to-grow and maintenance-free, handling heat, humidity and drought with ease but are not attractive to deer!

Height:  28"-36"
Spread:  15
Habit:  Upright/Mounding
Bloom Size:  8"-10" Columns
Heat Tolerance Zones:  3-9
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Price:  $6.75 per plant/4" pot OR
            3 or more of the same color $6.50/plant
Price: $6.75 per 4" pot, 3 or more $6.50 each
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