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Petunia, Dekko Blue Improved
Petunia, Dekko Blue Improved
Exceptional Garden Performance!
Petunia Dekko Blue Improved

Part Sun to Sun Lover!  
Heat & Humidity Tolerant      
Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies  
Self -Cleaning   Fragrant 
Use in Baskets, Planters or Landscape     

Exceptional garden performance and colorful mid-size blossoms that maintain their color without fading sets this petunia apart from the crowd!  Dekko's outstanding outdoor performance with dramatically improved tolerance to high humidity and rain is a clear winner.  The eye-catching prolific vibrant blooms cover the mounded, trailing form throughout the season.  Dekkos grow to a height of 10"-12" inches and spread/cascade 20"-24" maintaining a ball of color with no bald spots, providing stunning annual color for hanging baskets, mixed planters, or beds, and borders.  Dekko Petunia sets a new standard for what petunias should be including:  heat and humidity tolerant, self-cleaning (no dead heading or pinching is necessary), fragrant and attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.  While Dekko is not hardy it will take a light frost extending the growing season.  These mounding/cascading petunias grow quickly and maintain their shape without trimming or pinching.  Fertilize regularly.

Height:  10-12"

Spread/Cascade: 20"-24"

Habit:  Mounding/Cascading
Bloom Size:  2"
Heat Tolerance Zones:  3-8
Sun Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Uses:  Thriller/Spiller  for hanging baskets, window boxes, and planters of all kinds, Spacing 4"-6"
or Landscapes, Focal Point, Mass planting, borders,  Spacing 18"-20"
Price:  $6.25 per plant/4" pot OR

            3 or more of the same color $6.00/plant

Price: $6.25 per 4" pot, 3 or more $6.00 each
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