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Pentas, Lucky Star Raspberry
Pentas, Lucky Star Raspberry
Blooms Constantly!
Lucky Star Pentas  

          Sun Lover
                                                       Attracts Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees  
                                                      Tolerates Heat & Humidity       Self-Cleaning 

Finally, a Pentas that blooms constantly; no cycling in and out of bloom like traditional varieties. The large 3” flower clusters comprised of little individual 5-pointed star florets. Perfectly formed mounds of foliage with strong stems hold the blossoms high through the torrid heat and humidity of summer.  It attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees and thrives in the full sun, heat, humidity.  New flowers form over spent blooms so no deadheading is required.  This low maintenance plant is perfect for a front row focal point in your landscape or containers. This new compact size and season long color make these perfect for combination planters, landscape borders or beds.

Sun Exposure:  Full Sun
Growth Habit Upright
Thriller/Filler in Containers and Landscape Beds
Height 12-16”, Spread 12-14”
Bloom Size 3” Clusters
Spacing: Containers 4-6”, Landscapes 8-10”
Heat Tolerance: Zone 3-9

Price:  $6.00 per plant/4" pot OR
            3 or more of the same color $5.50/plant
Price: $6.00 per 4" pot, 3 or more $5.50 each
Not available at this time
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