Mischel's Slow Release Fertilizer
Mischel's Slow Release Fertilizer

Mischel's Slow Release Fertilizer

Price: $1.00
The same one we use in our greenhouses
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Slow Release Fertilizers

We're offering you the same fertilizer we use in our greenhouses. Apply the proper amount when planting and your fertilizing needs should be set for 3-4 months. The fertilizer will break down a little with each watering to provide continuous feeding. If you are using liquid fertilizer in addition, cut the rate in half.

Note: Shallow containers and hanging baskets use one half the recommended rate of fertilizer.

1 ounce bag: $1.00 each 

How much fertilizer do you need?
10” container: 1-2 bags   
12” container: 2 bags
14” square/round: 3 bags
16” square/round: 4 1/2 bags
18” square/round: 6 bags
20” square/round: 7 bags
22” x 7” window box: 2 1/2 bags
28” x 7” window box: 3 bags

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