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Magilla Perilla

A cousin to the Coleus plant.  Magilla perilla is an attractive, easy-to-grow ornamental valued for its exotic looking hot pink, deep burgundy, almost purple, and green variegated foliage which can vary in color by how much light and heat it receives.  It has a tall, bushy habit and produces inconspicuous spikes of white flowers that should be removed because they detract from the plant's overall appearance. This low maintenance plant is unfazzed by heat or humidity and is excellent in mixed containers or landscape beds.  Pinching it back can give it a neater, denser appearance.  

 Plants (Total Items: 2)
Perilla, Magilla
Perilla, Magilla
Price: $6.25 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $6.00
Maestro Designer Combination
Maestro Designer Combination
Price: $18.00

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