Dichondra, Silver Falls
A Freefall of Silver Foliage!

Dichondra, Silver Falls

$6.25 per 4" pot, 3 or more $6.00 each
A Freefall of Silver Foliage!
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Dichondra Silver Falls

  Grows Anywhere - Shade to Sun
Tolerates Heat, drought & humidity         

  Self-Cleaning    Deer Resistant  

Use in Baskets, Planters or Landscape     
Create a stunning cascade of silver iridescence in any container, hanging basket or window box combination!  This heat and drought-tolerant plant is self-cleaning and recovers quickly if wilted.  Will perform as a low-growing ground cover in well-drained soils.  The unique fan-shaped shiny silver foliage gently plummets over containers on its silver stems adding beautiful texture to any plant combination.
Height:  2"-3"
Spread/Cascade:  24"-36"
Habit:  Trailing
Leaf Size:  1"
Heat Tolerance Zones:  3-8
Sun Exposure: Shade to Sun
Price:  $6.25 per plant/4" pot OR
            3 or more of the same color $6.00/plant

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