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Begonia, Solenia Yellow
Begonia, Solenia  Yellow
Begonia Solenia Yellow
Solenia Begonia Yellow

We are sorry but this Begonias will be unavailable the entire season.

We purchase the licensed starter plants from the breeder, Dummen Orange.  Due to major crop issues at their propagation facility ALL of our orders for this and many other begonias has been cancelled.  Unfortunately  we learned of this problem after the catalog had been already been printed.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We will be subbing the Solenia Begonia Deep Yellow with Bliss Yellow.  
Pictures of the Bliss Begonia Yellow are the bottom 2 pictures to the right of the large picture. 
 We have displayed both pictures so you can compare the plants! 

Bliss Begonia

                                                                              Shade to Part Sun  (morning sun)
 Self-Cleaning (no deadheading necessary)   

   Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds

    Heat & Humidity Tolerant    Rabbit & Deer Resistant

Bliss Begonia are a dream in containers or landscapes!  The large 2.5-3.0" papery rose-like blossoms are fully double with lots of ruffling among the petals.  The solid, clear, vibrant colored blooms hold up better and longer than many other varieties while the dark green deeply crinkled foliage adds to the drama and pizzazz.   A low-maintenance plant as Bliss prefers that the soil dry down between waterings and the self-cleaning blossoms will drop when the bloom is spent.  A natural for shade to part sun the 10-12" tall plants fill in window boxes, baskets, planters, borders and beds.  Bliss Begonias attract butterflies and hummingbirds but are deer and rabbit resistant.  

Sun Exposure: Shade to Part Sun 
Height:  10-12” 
Spread:  10-12”
Habit:  Mounding
Bloom Size:  2.5"
Heat Tolerance Zones: 3-8
Uses: Filler in planters and all other containers, spacing 4-6” 
           or in landscape borders and beds, spacing 10-12.
Price:  $6.00 per plant/4" pot OR
             3 or more of the same color $5.50/plant

The information below is so you can compare the Bliss Begonias (above)
 that we will be subbing for the Solenia Begonias (below).

    South - Shade to Part Sun
                                North - Part Sun to Sun

 Self-Cleaning (no deadheading necessary)   

   Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds

    Humidity Tolerant    Rabbit & Deer Resistant

    Can be grown indoors

Solenia is a Hiemal Begonia, a cross between a tuberous begonia and a wax begonia.  The first of these crosses where called Reiger or Elatior type of begonias.  The new Hiemals are hybridized to be tough enough to be called a ‘Bedding Begonia’. That means you can plant them right in your window boxes, planters, baskets and even in the ground.  Grow Solenia in the shade to part sun in the south where it can receive some afternoon shade.  In the north Solenia can be grown in a part sun to sun location.  Solenia will also grow inside like a regular Rieger begonia, in a bright open window area. Enjoy continuous double blooms with these semi-trailing, low maintenance plants. Solenia likes the sun and humidity (but not extreme heat) and its' excellent branching habit keeps them from getting top heavy and breaking. Allow the soil in these mildew and wind resistant plants to dry a bit between watering. 

Height:  8-12”
Spread:  8-12”
Habit:  Mounding/Trailing
Bloom Size:  2.5-3.0"
Heat Tolerance Zones: 3-7
Uses: Filler/Spiller in Hanging Baskets, window boxes, planters and all other containers, spacing 4-6” 
           or in landscape borders and beds, spacing 12-14.
           Can also be grown indoors.
Best Sun Exposure: South - Shade to Part Sun 
                                    North - Part Sun to Sun    
Price:  $6.00 per plant/4" pot OR
             3 or more of the same color $5.50/plant”

Price: $6.00 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $5.50
Not available at this time
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