Begonia, Iconia  Miss Montreal
Begonia Iconia Miss Montreal

Begonia, Iconia Miss Montreal

$6.25 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $6.00
Idolized for its ceaseless extra large double blooms!
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Begonia Iconia 
Miss Montreal

    South - Shade to Part Sun
                                North - Part Sun to Sun
 Self-Cleaning (no deadheading necessary but performance
will be enhanced with regular dead heading)   

   Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds
    Heat & Humidity Tolerant 
   Rabbit & Deer Resistant

   Use in Planters

Double Delight!  Extra large double flowers bloom ceaselessly with captivating color.  The semi trailing plant reaches a height of 10"-14" and cascades 12".  The blooms almost cover the foliage the bronze foliage while both cascading over baskets, boxes & containers.  This low maintenance, heat and humidity tolerant begonia performs best in part sun but is adaptable to shade and sun.  As with other Begonias plant in well drained soil and allow soil to dry down slightly between watering.     

Best Sun Exposure: South - Shade to Part Sun 
                                    North - Part Sun to Sun  
Height:  10-14”
Spread:  12”
Habit:  Mounding/Cascading
Filler:  For baskets, boxes, beds  and containers
Bloom Size:  3.0" Double
Spacing: Containers  4-6” or in landscape borders and beds, spacing 12-14".
Heat Tolerance Zones: 3-8  
Price:  $6.25 per plant/4" pot OR
             3 or more of the same color $6.00/plant

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$6.25 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $6.00

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