Begonia, Dragon Wing: Pink
"Amazing Blazing Begonia"

Begonia, Dragon Wing: Pink

$6.25 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $6.00
"Amazing Blazing Begonia"
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Begonia Dragonwing

    Grows Anywhere -Shade to Sun
(Best South - Shade to Part Sun)
(Best North - Shade to Sun)
Heat & Humidity Tolerant       
Easy to Grow & Maintain 
  Deer & Rabbit Resistant   

Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds   

Self-Cleaning - No Deadheading Needed   

Named for its eye-catching large glossy green “dragon wing” shaped leaves,3" blooms, the award winning Dragon Wing Begonia is very gardener friendly.  The uniquely shaped 3" cluster of flowers are held above the foliage creating a mounding bushy plant with beautifully arching foliage dripping with vibrant blooms.  This "Amazing Blazing Begonia" builds spectacular hanging baskets and large containers.  Dragon Wing works great by itself or mixed with other flowers. It grows best in shade to part sun in the hotter southern climates while northern climates can grow it in the in full sun. This fast-growing, self-cleaning plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and tolerates hot and humid conditions.  
Sun Exposure: South:  Shade to Part Sun
                           North:  Shade to Sun
Height:  12"-15”
Spread:  15"-18”
Habit:  Mounding/Cascading
Thriller/Filler/Spiller:  Planters and Baskets
Bloom Size:  3"
Spacing:  Containers 4-6", Landscapes 15"
Heat Tolerance Zones:  3-9

Price:  $6.25 per plant/4" pot OR
            3 or more of the same color $6.00/plant

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$6.25 per 4" pot OR 3 of the same color for $6.00

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