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About Our Plants
Garden Ready Plants!
We do the growing for you!

    Your Success is Our Goal 

Selected and Grown For Success!
Our proven specialty annuals are selected for distinctly superior qualities including garden performance, disease resistance, vigor, and heat tolerance making your containers, landscapes and gardens easier to grow.
All of our plants are grown and shipped in large 4 inch pots.  (About the size of a coffee mug.)  This large size ensure a large well established root system and is the perfect size for putting together containers and landscape beds. 
The garden ready plants are generally shipped in bud and are ready to be transplanted when you receive them.  Please note that the plants are being shipped from a warm humid greenhouse to your home.  The plants would benefit with a rest under a shady tree for a couple of days after unpacking while they get used to their new environment.
Our annuals offer bold, consistent color and blossoms throughout the season from planting until frost perfect for all those garden locations where you want COLOR all season long.  While all our plants are considered annuals some may last year-round in frost-free areas. 
With each order you will receive detailed growing instructions including information about soil preparation, planting, watering, and fertilizing.
Designed for Success
We know quality plants are not enough to make your containers and landscapes successful, you may also need to know what plants will work well together. In that regard, we have expertly designed Mischel's Perfect Planter Designer Combinations . These expertly designed mixes of 3 plants complement each other for sun exposure requirements, color, texture, shape and vigor eliminating the guess work about what plants grow well together. 

Environmental Success
We are certified by the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program.  We only use recyclable pots and our growing practices are pollinator friendly.
Plant Information
We are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to have success with our flowers in your garden areas.  Every plant is organized by sun requirement, growth habit and color making it easy to select the ideal plants.  All plants are clearly labeled with by variety, height, growth habit, spread or trail length, bloom size, color, sun exposure and heat tolerance.   In addition each plant is labeled with symbols that identify attributes that will help you achieve garden success. 
Our plant attribute symbols are as follows:
   Heat Lover               Attracts Butterflies            Fragrant               Self Cleaning 
 Tolerates humidity   Attracts Hummingbirds              Can grow indoors     Deer Resistant
   Tolerates drought       Cut Flower          Rabbit Resistant
 Care and Maintanance
With each order you will receive detailed growing instructions including information about soil preparation, planting, watering, and fertilizing.

Mischels Greenhouses Ltd Guarantee
You can expect outstanding performance with superior annuals from Mischel's Greenhouses. Established in 1985 we are a family-owned wholesale and mail-order greenhouse located in northern lower Michigan. We take your order and our plants seriously, that is why they are guaranteed. 
Our Plants Are Shipped Ready To Bloom
While many mail-order companies provide seeds and bare root stock, we provide you with garden-ready live mature annual plants in large 4 inch pots.  These plants are well rooted and ready to be planted directly into your containers, landscape or garden beds.  The size of the plants you receive from us is comparable to what you would probably find at a quality garden center.  The height of the plants you will receive depends upon the type of plant you order ranging from 4 inches to 9 inches with the upright growing plants the tallest while the trailing plants are the shortest.   
These large 4 inch pots have already developed large root systems and are ideal size for planting immediately upon receiving.  Most of the plants are shipped in bud and should be in bloom within a few weeks after planting.                                             
Thank you for stopping in to look at our products, we hope you enjoyed your visit and wish you a happy growing season!
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