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Mischel's Soil Mix Mischel's Soil Mix
$13.00 2 gallon Bag
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$100 Mischel's Gift Certificate
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Airwave Perfect Planter Designer Combination
Allspice Designer Combination
Alpine Ivy Blizzard Geranium: Blue
Alpine Ivy Blizzard Geranium: Red
Alpine Ivy Blizzard Geranium: White
Alpine Ivy Geranium, Cascade Acapulco Pink
Alpine Ivy Geranium, Cascade: Bright Red
Alternanthera Little Ruby
Angelonia Archangel Cherry Red
Angelonia, Archangel: Purple
Angelonia, Archangel: Raspberry
Angelonia, Archangel: White
Argyranthemum, Beauty: Yellow
Aristocrat Designer Combination
Asparagus Fern - Sprengeri
Bacopa, Mega Copa: White
Balcony Beauty Designer Combination
Begonia, Belleconia Hot Orange
Begonia, Belleconia Rose
Begonia, Belleconia Soft Orange
Begonia, BIG: Red w/Bronze Leaf
Begonia, BIG: Rose w/Bronze Leaf
Begonia, Dragon Wing: Pink
Begonia, Dragon Wing: Red
Bel Air Red Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Bidens, Bee Dance Painted Red
Bidens, Bee Dance Yellow
Black Tie Designer Combination
Blaze of Glory Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Bordeaux Blend Designer Combination
Buenos Dias Designer Combination
Calibrachoa, Aloha Kona Midnight Blue
Calibrachoa, Aloha Kona: Hot Orange
Calibrachoa, Aloha: Purple Sky
Calibrachoa, Aloha: Tiki Orange
Calibrachoa, Aloha: Tiki Soft Pink
Calibrachoa, Neo: Deep Yellow
Calibrachoa, Neo: White
Celebration Designer Combination
Cheery Cherry Designer Combination
Cherry Delight Designer Combination
Classy Designer Combination
Coleus Designer Collection Fifth Ave
Coleus Designer Collection Flamethrower Chili Pepper
Coleus Designer Collection Flamethrower Habanero
Coleus Designer Collection Ruby Road
Coleus Great Falls: Angel
Coleus Great Falls: Iguazu Falls
Coleus Great Falls: Yosemite Falls
Coleus, Designer Collection Freckles
Daydream Designer Combination
Declaration Designer Combination
Dichondra, Silver Falls
Double Petunia, Double Wave: Dark Blue
Double Petunia, Double Wave: Pink
Double Petunia, Double Wave: Rose
Double Petunia, Double Wave: White
Dramatic Designer Combination
Enchanting Designer Combination
Euphorbia, Loreen: White
Fascination Designer Combination
Fiesta Designer Combination
Fire Flash Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Firecracker Designer Combination
Flashy Designer Combination
Formal Attire Designer Combination
Friendship Designer Combination
Fusion Designer Combination
Gala Designer Combination
Groovy Designer Combination
Heart Strings Designer Combination
Heavenly Designer Combination
Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Variegated Tropical Rose
Inspiration Designer Combination
Interspecific Geranium, Calliope: Dark Red
Interspecific Geranium, Calliope: Large Magenta
Interspecific Geranium, Calliope: Large Salmon
Interspecific Geranium, Calliope: Rose Splash
Interspecific Geranium, Calliope:Pink
Irresistible Designer Combination
Jazzy Designer Combination
Justice Designer Combination
Lantana Bandana Lemon Zest
Lantana, Bandana: Cherry
Lantana, Bandana: Cherry Sunrise
Lantana, Bandana: Pink
Lantana, Bandana: Red
Lantana, Bandana: Yellow
Lighthearted Designer Combination
Lilacs Designer Combination
Lobelia, Magadi Basket Blue
Loveable Designer Combination
Maestro Designer Combination
Mischel's Slow Release Fertilizer
Mischel's Soil Mix
Mosaic Designer Combination
Oktoberfest Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Orange Zest Designer Combination
Ornamental Grass (dwarf), Fireworks
Ornamental Grass (Dwarf), Rubrum
Ornamental Pepper, Purple Flash
Perilla, Magilla
Petunia, Amore: Queen of Hearts
Petunia, Crazytunia: Blackberry Mojito
Petunia, Crazytunia: Mandeville
Petunia, Designer: Heart Beat
Petunia, Potunia Plus Yellow
Petunia, Potunia Red
Petunia, Surprise: Sky Blue
Petunia, Sweetunia Black Satin
Petunia, Sweetunia Fiona Flash
Petunia, Sweetunia Hot Pink
Petunia, Sweetunia Johnny Flame
Petunia, Sweetunia Miss Marvelous
Petunia, Sweetunia Purple Vein
Petunia, Sweetunia Susie Storm
Phoenix Designer Combination
Pineapple Punch Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Pirates Beauty Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Portulaca, Colorblast: Lemon Twist
Portulaca, Colorblast: Mango Mojito
Portulaca, Colorblast: Watermelon Punch
Power Play Designer Combination
Purple Pageant Designer Combination
Rendezvous Designer Combination
Rockin Red Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Rosy Future Designer Combination
Rudbeckia, Cappuccino
Salsa Designer Combination
Salvia, Mystic Spires: Blue
Scaevola, Bombay: Blue
Scaevola, Bombay: White
Seascape Designer Combination
Serenade Designer Combination
Serenity Designer Combination
Shocking Blue Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Shocking Pink Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Shocking Pink Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Shocking Purple Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Show Piece Designer Combination
Smooth Jazz Designer Combination
Spirit Designer Combination
Spreading Impatien, Sunpatien: Variegated Salmon
Spreading Impatien, Sunpatien: Variegated White
Spring Break Confetti Garden Designer Combination
Summer Breeze Designer Combination
Sunburst Designer Combination
Torenia, Summer Wave Bouquet: Blue
Torenia, Summer Wave Bouquet: Gold
Twinkle Designer Combination
Twist & Shout Designer Combination
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Variegated Tropical Rose
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Coral Pink
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Electric Orange
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Fire Red
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Magenta
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Neon Pink
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: Purple
Upright Impatiens, Sunpatiens: White
Verbena, Empress Flair Lavender Blue
Verbena, Empress Flair Peach
Verbena, Empress Flair Pink Charme
Verbena, Empress Flair Red
Verbena, Empress Flair White
Verbena, Empress Imperial Blue
Verbena, Empress Strawberry Charme
Verbena,Wicked Cool Blue
Verbena,Wicked Cool Purple
Verbena,Wicked Hot Pink
Verbena,Wicked Mad Magenta
Verbena,Wicked Pink Pepper
Victory Designer Combination
Vinca Vine, Variegated: Green & White
Vinca Vine, Maculata: Green & Yellow
Work of Art Designer Combination
Zonal Cutting Geranium, Americana: Cherry Rose
Zonal Cutting Geranium, Americana: Dark Red
Zonal Cutting Geranium, Americana: White
Zonal Cutting Geranium, Americana: White Splash
: 1

Garden Zone and Shipping Schedule Map

Garden Zones 10/9  March 25-29  
Garden Zone 8b  April 1 - 5
Garden Zone 8a  April  8 - 12
Garden Zone 7b  April 15 - 19
Garden Zone 7a  April 22 - 26
Garden Zone 6b  April 29 - May 3
Garden Zone 6a  May 6 - 10
Garden Zone 5b  May 13 - 17
Garden Zone 5a  May 20 - 24
Garden Zone 4/3 May 28-May 31